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Contact us

By phone, online or in person

Whether you're a prospective or current student, alumni or visitor, this is how to get in touch with us.


Prospective or current students 内江茂发复科技有限公司


1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
+61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)

We are available between 9am and 5pm (local time), Monday to Friday.


If you are a prospective student, and would like to ask about courses or making an application, you can make an enquiry online.

If you are a current student, and have a question about your enrolment or any other issue you can make an enquiry online.


To make an enquiry in person, you can visit the Student Centre on level 3 of the Jane Foss Russell Building (next to the Wentworth Building). This is where you can ask about:

  • Course options and admissions
  • Enrolment
  • Fees
  • Special consideration
  • Student cards
  • Study abroad and exchange

Open: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

During the first two weeks of semester, the Student Centre will be open 8.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. During examinations, the Student Centre will be open 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 8.30am to 2.30pm Saturday.

Campus Assist and Campus Security 白银复春洪设备有限公司


Phone: +61 2 9351 3333 (urgent)
Phone: +61 2 9351 3487 (enquiries)


If you've lost an item, contact Campus Assist on on the number or email below. If you find an item, please hand it to the closest Campus Assist desk or Security officer or report lost property online.


1300 CAMPUS (1300 226 787)

Find a Campus Assist precinct office.

Visitors and community 谦高洪贸易有限公司


+61 2 9351 2222
8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


+61 2 9351 3100
Open: 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note: during examination period and on graduation days, the Visitors Information Centre will be open 10am to 4pm.

Media enquiries 乌海康鼎昌设备有限公司


If you have an enquiry about research by one of our academics, are looking for expert comment from one of our researchers or would like to film for TV news on one of our campuses, please contact our Media and PR team.

Contact details for many media experts can be found in our Find an Expert database.

For queries during normal business hours:
+61 2 8627 0246

For queries outside normal business hours:
0402 972 137

VIP/official visits 金昌寿伟欣机械有限公司

If you are from an international university, research organisation or government body and are planning a visit, please let us know. We’ll work with you and University of Sydney staff to develop a visiting schedule that will give you and our staff lots of opportunities to connect.

Please complete our online official visit request form and please allow us at least 20 working days before the date of the prospective visit. We consider all requests carefully but we are not able to accommodate all visitors. 

Partnership and engagement enquiries 兴城久高亚服务有限公司



Phone: 02 8627 8800

Serve a subpoena, warrant or other court order on the University.

To access your own personal information, please email

For right to information (GIPA) requests, please email



Alumni enquiries 沧州隆利永科技有限公司

We welcome enquiries and questions from our alumni and friends.

If you've got a question, you might want to check our frequently asked questions, or you can contact us on the details below.

Division of Alumni and Development
Level 2, F23 Administration Building
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia
+61 2 9036 9222

Donor enquiries 娄底福公吉科技有限公司

If you have any questions about donating to the University, please contact our donor support team.



General research enquiries 湛江优盈久科技有限公司

T: +61 2 8627 8111
F: +61 2 9351 8562
Address: Level 3, Administration Building (F23), University of Sydney NSW 2006

For enquiries about research studies (PhD and other higher degrees) please refer to the contact details above.

Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships team

Research Grants and Contracts team

Research Reporting, Analysis, Data and Systems team

Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) 怀化旺祥正科技有限公司

Professor Duncan Ivison, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Julia Tompkins, Executive Assistant to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
+61 2 8627 8150

Emily Miller, General Manager (Acting)
+61 2 9036 3128

Elise Webster, Marketing and Communications (Research)

Andrew Blunt, Internal Research Communications Specialist

Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) 百色高亨华贸易有限公司

Professor Laurent Rivory, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
+61 2 8627 0624

Gisela Lafico, Executive Assistant to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
+61 2 8627 8100

Kimberly dela Cruz Odom, Manager, Strategic Collaborations Program 
+61 2 8626 9195

Anupam Unnati, Manager, Partnerships (Microsoft)
+61 2 8627 1563

Olivia Hopward, Project Officer
+61 2 8627 5634

Associate Professor Eric Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Enterprise and Engagement)
+61 2 9351 7391

Dr Maria Ishkova, Acting Executive Officer

Office of Global Engagement 黄石鼎盛和服务有限公司

Professor Kathy Belov, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) 
+61 2 9114 1454

Sheelagh Douglas, Executive Assistant to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement) 
+61 2 9351 4461

Amanda Sayan, Director of Partnerships 
+61 2 9351 2310


Andrew Tindell, Director, CDIP
+61 2 8627 8181

Kathryn Sunn, Commercialisation Manager 
+61 2 8627 0232

Gladys Williams, Clinical Trials Contracts Manager
+61 2 9351 6711

Nadia Pece-Barbara, Commercial Theme Leader, Medicine, The Westmead Precinct
+61 2 8627 3027

Melissa Mail, Commercial Theme Leader, Engineering and Information Technologies
+61 2 8627 4681

James Fraser, (Acting) Commercial Theme Leader, Engineering and Information Technologies
+61 2 8627 4681

Stephen Lam, Commercial Theme Leader, Science
+61 2 9351 6226

Jane Zhang, Commercialisation Officer
+61 2 8627 8254

Eric Wei, Commercialisation Officer
+61 2 8627 4822

Katie Richmond, External Engagement Manager
+61 2 9114 1153

Jake Nicol, State Government Engagement Officer
+61 2 8627 7775

Holly Zhu, Business Development Manager, Engineering
+61 2 9351 5075

Richard Cislowski, Business Development Manager, Defence
+61 2 8627 5815

Anna Noonan, Business Development Manager, Regional NSW
+61 2 9351 8627

Kate Taylor, Business Development Manager, Arts and Social Sciences
+61 2 9351 8627 (Mon-Thur)

Bill Russell, Business Development Manager, Health Sciences
+61 427 187 975

Duncan Macinnis, Business Development Manager, Medicine and Health
+61 2 9114 0803

Andrew Kemp, Business Development Manager, Science

Sally Hunter, Project Manager, IP Administration
+61 2 9351 5075

Timothy Lee, Intellectual Property Rights Officer
+61 2 9036 5434

Amanda Waters, Finance and Administration Officer 
+61 2 8627 5363

Melitta Jercher, IP Consultant  
+61 2 9351 7912  


Nehmat Dabbousi, Contracts Triage
+61 2 9036 7508

Alexandra Milcz
+61 2 8627 8185

Jan Ambrose
+61 2 8627 8179

Luda Kuchieva
+61 2 8627 8106

Chris Robinson
+61 2 8627 8102

Zemi Zhao
+61 2 8627 8169

Hannah Buckley
+61 2 8627 7687

Rhoda Swao
+61 2 8627 6732

Research Development and Collaboration 鹰潭光顺千科技有限公司

Andrew Tindell, Acting Director, Research Development and Collaboration
+61 2 8627 8181

Rui Hoo, Research Development Manager (Strategic Initiatives)
+61 2 8627 4156

Miriam-Rose Ash, Manager, Research Development (Health and Medical Research)
+61 2 8627 0763

Jennifer Turner, Manager, Research Development 
+61 2 8627 8135

Lia Zambetti, Senior Project Officer, Research Development Strategy
+61 2 8627 6040

Edward Hendriks, MRFF Development Manager
+61 9114 4247

Jessica Andrews, Research Development Officer
+61 2 8627 0363

Jack Ault, Administration Officer
+61 2 8627 4627

Dr Adam Butler, Senior Research Performance Analyst
+61 2 8627 8166

Research Grants and Contracts 桂林永圣吉设备有限公司

General enquiries -

Pearly Harumal, Director, Research Grants and Contracts
+61 2 8627 8175

Julie Cameron, Manager, Research Grants and Contracts
+61 2 8627 5516

Kay Winton, Manager, Research Grants and Contracts
+61 2 8627 8104

Core Research Facilities 西宁美欣欣设备有限公司

Simon Ringer, Director, Core Research Facilities
+61 2 8627 4088

Tim Dixon, Operations and Program Manager
+61 2 8627 6132

Emma Bastian, Strategic Engagement Manager
+61 2 9351 7752

Research Integrity and Ethics Administration 汕头浩利久服务有限公司

Research integrity
+61 2 8627 0200

Animal ethics
+61 2 8627 8174

Human ethics
+61 2 9036 9161

Clinical trials support (including Governance)

Learn more about research integrity, ethics and clinical trials at the University of Sydney.

Research Reporting, Analysis, Data and Systems 海宁和寿亨服务有限公司

Nathaniel Lewis
Director, Research Reporting, Analysis, Data and Systems (RRADS)
+61 2 8627 8111

Nicole Weisfelt, Manager, Data Acquisitions
+61 2 8627 8184

John Burns, Traditional Research Outputs Coordinator
+61 2 8626 9290

Leanne Mumford, Non-traditional Research Outputs Coordinator 
+61 2 8627 8134

Michele Parker, Data Repository Coordinator 
+61 2 8626 9956

James Freckleton, Analytics Research and Development Manager
+61 2 9036 6519

Monitoring and Compliance Support Line
+61 2 8627 8599

Associate Deans (Research) 洛阳复欣万机械有限公司

Architecture, Design and Planning
Professor Andrew Leach

Arts and Social Sciences
Professor Ariadne Vromen
+61 2 9351 6602

Professor Susan Thorp
+61 2 9036 6354

Conservatorium of Music
Professor Neal Peres Da Costa
+61 2 9351 1273

Engineering and Information Technology
Professor Kim Rasmussen
+61 2 9351 2125

Health Sciences
Professor Joshua Burns
+61 2 9036 7302

Professor Murray Lee
+61 2 9351 0443

Medicine and health
Professor Macdonald (Mac) Christie
+61 2 9351 2946

Professor Margaret Barbour
+61 2 9351 8884


The University of Sydney
NSW 2006

To find a building on one of our campuses, look it up on our maps.


  • Facebook: Stay tuned for the stories unfolding across the University every day.
  • Twitter: News, updates, announcements and events.
  • LinkedIn: Commentary and conversation on current events, our news and research.
  • Instagram: Experience life on campus through the eyes (and lenses) of our staff, students and visitors.
  • YouTube: Don't miss the latest videos featuring events on campus, tips for students, lectures and talks.
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